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Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia, ADHD, and Other Learning Differences

Evaluations to Empower Minds and Foster Success

At Minnesota Neuropsychology, we aim to illuminate the extraordinary potential in every mind. Our comprehensive evaluations identify learning differences and empower individuals to thrive by maximizing strengths and navigating challenges through actionable insights.

Understanding your eagerness to start, we can typically accommodate appointments within two months or less. Following the evaluations, initial feedback, diagnosis, and recommendations are commonly provided on the same day, with a comprehensive written report following approximately one week later.

We welcome you to begin your journey of growth and lifelong success by scheduling an evaluation today.

Evaluation Services

Neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults to assess for learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD. Our comprehensive evaluations include careful consideration of social, emotional and behavior concerns as well. Our dedicated team provides a supportive and empowering environment. Our evaluations provide clear, meaningful results.


Participate in our workshops tailored to those affected by ADHD and their families. “Fall in Love with Your ADHD Brain” is designed to empower women with ADHD through an innovative lens that blends neuroscience, psychology, and self-compassion. “ADHD for Parents” discusses symptoms, super-powers, self-image and support for parents of kids with ADHD.

Visiting Our Saint Paul Office

The office is located in the historic Dacotah Building (above W.A. Frost) in Saint Paul’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood, at the intersection of Selby Avenue and Western Avenue.

Two parking lots are available, one adjacent to the building on the East side (access from Selby Avenue), and one adjacent to the building on the South side (access from Western Avenue). The office is located on the third floor and is not accessible by an elevator. If a more accessible meeting location is needed, please contact us.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Evaluations are completed in 1 day
  • Efficient, timely written summary of results shortly thereafter
  • Close referral network for follow up services as needed
  • Positive strengths-based approach to assessment