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Neuropsychology General

Letter to a parent seeking a neuropsychological evaluation for their child

November 29, 2023

Dear parent,

You are concerned about your child’s learning and school performances. You see his/her potential and you want him/her to succeed, but he/she is struggling. This is often a distressing experience. You want to help, but you're not sure how. A variety of factors led you to this place. Maybe teachers raised concerns. Maybe grades are lower than you’d expect them to be. Maybe you see your child’s work or hear their reading and you can sense there is an obstacle there. Maybe your child is spending way more time on homework than his/her peers, but the grades are not reflecting the effort. Or, maybe your child is actively avoiding homework and you are faced with managing their resistance. All of this can be exhausting for the child and the parent(s).

As a parent, trust that you’re doing the right thing by seeking more information. You likely intuitively perceived a problem some time ago, and now circumstances are proving your hunch to be correct.

Data from a neuropsychological evaluation will provide a clearer picture of your child’s learning struggles, and will allow us to come up with a plan to minimize frustration and maximize success.

The information and discussion part of a neuropsychological evaluation will open you and your child up to a new level of knowledge about a problem that is not necessarily new. With this, you’ll tap into a network of support, knowledge, others who’ve experienced the same thing, and professionals who can help.

You will begin to see new options for paths to happiness for your child. Your understanding of your child is supported by data and your vision for him/her will be broadened and strengthened from this new place of understanding.