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Fall in Love with Your ADHD Brain

That mysterious process of falling in love, right? Hard to sum up in words, but let’s give ourselves a sense of what it would feel like to crush on our ADHD brains for a bit. So, what happens when we fall in love?

We start to see things in a new light. We notice small things we’ve taken for granted. We are tapped into a vibration of connection and flow. Stuff feels easier. We get curious about the object of our affection. We experience an instinctual pull to nurture the object of our affection. We do lovely things to show our new love that we cherish them.

Let’s spend a morning together giving some loving attention to our ADHD brains. Let’s talk about these things together. Let’s walk away with a little lightness in our steps.

What You Can Expect

Learn how to give loving attention to your ADHD brain through:

  • 3 mini-lectures which translate neuroscience and psychology into meaningful ideas
  • Powerful mindset shifting exercises related to the brain science lectures
  • Dedicated self-reflection time with writing prompts
  • Camaraderie with other women on a similar journey

When and where is the workshop held?

  • A single morning session from 9:00am-12:00pm CT (central time)
  • From the comfort of your favorite Zoom spot

Mini Lectures Included

  • ADHD Symptoms in Real Life: Time Window, Distraction, Impulsivity, Organization, Motivation
  • The Brain Science of Executive Function: Cycles, Hormones, and the Brain’s See-Saw of Focus
  • Future Visioning: The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Self-Compassion, and How We Shape Our Reality

Reach Out Today to Learn More

Do you think you may have ADHD? We’re here to help you by providing clarity and direction. To learn more about ADHD testing or to schedule an appointment with us, give us a call at 651-964-2020 or send us a message.