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Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together

March 5, 2023

“Neurons that fire together wire together” – Donald Hebb

Here’s why there is power in our thoughts. Thoughts are the foundation of emotions, emotions create behaviors, and the cycle begins again. This is the very basic flow of human behavior.

Ultimately, it’s our thoughts that create our reality.

The brain is a learning machine. When two neurons activate together, or start talking to each other, the connection between them strengthens. Then, they’re more likely to have that same conversation again in the future.

Those “automatic thoughts” or “self-limiting beliefs” we all experience: they can become reflexive. They continue to exist and persist if we’re not aware of them.

Here’s the amazing thing: we have more agency in our thought patterns than we think we do. 

We can intervene to adjust the cycle at the origin. The first step in doing this: listen to yourself. Get curious, no judgment, just listen in on the things you tell yourself. 

Then, slowly gently, start to ask, what if that limiting belief is not true? What if I can do it? What if I am supported? What if I can follow my dreams? This gentle “what if” self-inquiry will open you up to a lovely expansiveness.

And in this expansion, you will experience more choice, more freedom, more power to choose your responses to your circumstances.