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The Power of Thoughts

March 5, 2023

Our brains are meaning-makers. Circumstances occur. Our brains have thoughts (aka: beliefs) about them. Our thoughts produce an emotional response. And our behavioral response flows from that emotion. 

This cycle repeats itself so quickly and habitually, that it becomes difficult to differentiate among the three elements. Especially the thought bit. The thought piece happens so automatically that we begin to believe that there is a direct link between the circumstance and the emotion. But there is in fact a space between these two. And when we explore that space (the thought space), we begin to discover the many options we have.

By pausing to examine that space in between circumstance and thought, we are tapping into our power, our agency to gently shift the thought response and by doing so, shifting the emotion and ultimately our behavioral response.

It’s not the circumstances that create emotions, but rather our thoughts and beliefs about the circumstances. Let’s explore some flexibility in that thought space.

You, in your unique wisdom, created your current situation, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, behavior by behavior.

By connecting with what you did to set yourself up for success,
You’ll be empowered to untangle any perceived mess.