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Elizabeth Adams, PhD, LP, ABPP-CN

Dr. Adams is 1 of 9 board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists in Minnesota. With 12 years of professional experience, she has a solid foundation of clinical practice as well as a rich network of scientific knowledge and expertise. She brings creativity and engagement to the evaluation and communication of test findings. She enjoys providing direct communication about test results and recommendations to schools and physicians. Patients appreciate her thoughtful listening and her straightforward communication style. Referring providers appreciate her careful analysis of complex issues and her timely and concise written reports.

Dr. Adams is fortunate to have a close network of top-quality providers in medicine and mental health, and when possible, she provides direct referrals for any follow-up therapy or other treatment that might be indicated.

In addition to her work at Minnesota Neuropsychology, Dr. Adams maintains an active practice at the Minnesota Epilepsy Group, where she specializes in neuropsychological assessment of individuals with seizure disorders.



Dr. Adams completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the Fuller Theological Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California, including clinical training at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute and a 1-year residency in adult neuropsychology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. In addition, she completed a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Professional Achievements and Community Involvement

Dr. Adams is a clinical practicum supervisor for the University of Minnesota’s Doctoral Psychology program, and as such maintains an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Psychology. Minnesota Neuropsychology is a training site for PhD candidates in this program. Dr. Adams enjoys teaching, and she is passionate about providing excellent clinical supervision for the next generation of neuropsychologists. She hopes to pass along her love for the work, and the techniques she has found to be most helpful for children and families. Beyond just testing and scoring, Dr. Adams trains students in the conceptual, integrative, and intuitive aspects of the role of neuropsychologist.

In her work at the Minnesota Epilepsy Group, Dr. Adams collaborated with colleagues to create a multidisciplinary clinic which provides evaluation and education for children and their families at the outset of their epilepsy care. She observed the needs and questions that were pertinent and common among many families shortly after the child’s initial epilepsy diagnosis. The clinic has been running for 5 years, led by a first-rate team including neuropsychologists, psychologists, neurologists, and nurse practitioner. This gives families access to a one-day appointment in which they are able to get answers to questions about medications, seizures, prognosis, emotional adjustment, cognition, and school help if needed. This also gives providers a chance to establish a clear and measurable baseline of the child’s cognitive and emotional functioning at the outset of treatment.

Also at the Minnesota Epilepsy Group, Dr. Adams is a member of a comprehensive team of providers who provide the gold-standard, Level IV, pre-surgical neurodiagnostic workup. She provides objective neuropsychological assessment which allows for further clarification of localization of brain dysfunction as well as prediction of cognitive outcome following surgery. She is part of the multidisciplinary team that performs Wada tests to clarify cerebral lateralization of language and memory function, and cortical or stereo-EEG stimulation mapping studies in order to identify language eloquent cortex prior to surgery. She consults with neurologists and neurosurgeons and helps to counsel families and patients on potential risk for cognitive changes after surgery.

Independent Neuropsychological Evaluations

To refer a patient, inquire about an evaluation, or set up an appointment, contact us by email or phone.