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Neuropsychology General

The Neuropsychological Feedback Session

May 31, 2021

The feedback session is a personalized consultation with the neuropsychologist, and involves the following elements:

  1. Reflection of the concerns that brought you to the evaluation and any further relevant discussion around those concerns

  2. A clear and streamlined explanation of the testing process including how “scores” are obtained and how they are meaningful/interpreted

  3. The neuropsychologist then describes her/his tailored analysis of the data that has been obtained in this particular evaluation, using the framework of the presenting concerns to organize the presentation of data and to guide the flow of the conversation. This data analysis involves both: 

    1. Understanding overall test scores in relation to broader “norms” from the general population

    2. A closer look into the individual test score profile 

  4. A discussion of the aspects of the cognitive profile that contribute to an understanding of the presenting concerns

    1. Reflecting quantitative data that corroborate areas of strength

    2. Acknowledging the areas of relative weakness/current concerns and discussing how the data reflects this

  5. Discussion of diagnosis when appropriate

  6. Collaborative process to generate a general outline and specific plan for next steps

    1. Goals

    2. What needs to happen to get there

    3. What help/support will be needed

    4. How/where to get those supports

    5. Practical steps for now

  7. Options for ongoing consultation with the neuropsychologist as needed.