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August 21, 2020

What if kids with dyslexia had no shame about reading? How high would they fly? How would that free them up to more fully experience and contribute to their world? What great things would they do?

If there are suspected learning differences, let's work together to find out about specifics of the obstacles, and then create a pathway toward the strengths.

School-based learning doesn’t always capture the essence of a child’s unique learning style. This is especially true when:

  1. Visual spatial or material-based/hands-on learning is the child’s strong suit

  2. Learning challenges like dyslexia interfere with the child’s ability to absorb the material and express ideas

  3. Writing conventions like spelling and punctuation hinder the child’s creative storytelling

Let’s work together to gather data which will bring clarity to your child’s learning style and help to shed light on the best path for his/her educational journey.