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Neuropsychology General

Compassion Gravity

July 7, 2021

Compassion Gravity: Using self-love to let drop the things that no longer serve us. The energy you’ve dedicated to hiding and self-protection will convert into love and creativity, opening up paths you never knew were there.

By acknowledging the shame/self-limiting beliefs we carry when we experience learning differences early in life (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD), we can start to see how it doesn’t serve us. Then, you will just naturally begin to let them go. 

It’s a form of gravity.

The thing (shame/hiding/self-limiting belief/fear/anger) that served you in the past (it was the only thing you knew to do; it saved you from risk of ridicule, rejection, embarrassment)...that thing you acknowledge is no longer serving you.

And now you know there’s a better way.

When you see that it is not serving you, you will begin to let it go. It will drop.

The wise, knowing part of yourself will drop it. 

It just needs permission, from the young, fragile, vulnerable child part of you that developed it for protection long ago.

The child part of you is still a part of your system. It’s important to acknowledge it and respect it/thank it for doing the best it knew how.

You, as the adult observer, can help the child part to let it go. 

Recognize that the thing that once served you to protect you is no longer serving you, and might be holding you back.

There’s magic in acknowledging this. Just by articulating this, the process of Compassion Gravity will begin.