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What You Seek is Seeking You

March 5, 2023

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

Here’s one pathway out of that “stuck” place we all know so well:

Remind yourself that the very thing you are seeking is also seeking you. Suspend disbelief for a moment and use your imagination to call up an image of the thing you want as an animate creature who is looking for you just as you are looking for it. 

Then begin by taking one very tiny action toward the thing you want. (The tiny-ness of this action is core to the success of this technique. It has to be something that feels super duper easy for you).

The motivation behind this tiny action is not to accomplish something, but rather to demonstrate your intention. 

Your intention, combined with ANY action you can muster up, will start a wave of momentum.

This wave itself then becomes a thing, with an energy of its own, and it carries you. 

Girl, it carries you and your job is to ride it. 

Ride it by reminding yourself of your desire, and continuing to take tiny actions in that general direction. 

Then watch. 

Watch for what shows up when you show up.

You’ll be amazed at what you can create when you bring together this truly magical combination of: Your desire + a series of very tiny actions.