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Neuropsychology General

Neuropsychology and Self-Compassion

March 31, 2021

Neuropsychological evaluation is a way of helping people know themselves better in certain areas of their lives. 

By acknowledging an area of struggle, the client takes a most courageous step toward self-awareness, which inevitably leads to growth. 

Objective data from testing helps to give some clarity to the nature, extent, and origin of the struggle. We bring the struggle into the room via the data. This provides a neutral space to reflect the individual’s lived experience. 

The data also provide a space to reflect patterns of strengths that might not be fully acknowledged yet (we often tend to overlook the things that come easily to us). This data-based perspective allows the individual to integrate and corroborate their own experiences into a sense of self-identity. 

Then, with clarity, moving forward toward a path that accentuates strengths and accommodates weaknesses. Clarity plus self-compassion at the end of this experience promote creativity and activate intrinsic momentum.