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Neuropsychology General

How To Talk With Your Child About Their New Diagnosis

February 7, 2021

Hold it in your own mind as a difference in learning style that doesn’t match with the current educational system.

Remember and connect with your confidence in your child's ability to overcome challenges.

Approach the conversation by believing that both you and your child will feel relief with this new way of understanding their learning experience.

Remember that your child already knows they are struggling. Even young kids have a gut sense for this, though they may not articulate it yet.

Know that talking about it will help them to know they do not have to hide it. Let them know that they are not alone.

Let them know that there is no one “right” way to learn, and that sometimes those who learn differently end up discovering the coolest things.

Make it clear that you know and believe they are trying their best.

Let them know that you’ve found some ways to help.

After talking about the new diagnosis, circle back to their natural strengths and create a positive experience where they can show-off that natural flow.

Focus on providing ongoing positive experiences of this flow and success at home.