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Neuropsychology General

A Fresh Perspective on Learning Differences

March 30, 2021

The people we get to meet in our practice usually learn in ways that are different from the norm, and they’re struggling because of this difference. Some brains are wired to see the big picture and perceive complex dynamics instead of decoding words. Some can tell a captivating story or discuss a profound topic, but can’t write it down on paper. Some excel at exploration but don’t do well with sitting still.

We often see two different “parts” of the person over the course of a testing day. When they are building things, figuring out puzzles/patterns, and talking about concepts, we see the confident, self-assured, thoughtful, curious part. When they are reading, writing, or doing math, we may see the discouraged, embarrassed, avoidant part. We can see the differences in their behaviors, in their interactions, in the ways they respond. 

Lots of people who learn differently have been given implicit and explicit messages that they don’t do things “the right way,” and they feel shame.

They have often been given the message that their voices shouldn’t be heard.

The truth is, these people have some of the most brilliant minds on the planet!

What if the people who are seen as having a learning disability actually have the strongest abilities to find a solution? 

Let’s preserve creativity by removing the known obstacles and enriching strengths.

Let’s encourage people to stand up and speak.

Let’s let them show us their big-picture perspective.

Let’s give them space to build and move, and create and invent. Let’s follow their lead.