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Fall in Love with Your ADHD Brain

ADHD is underdiagnosed in women and girls due to limitations in awareness of how the condition presents in females versus males. Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC is here to bring clarity to the lived experiences of women and girls with ADHD, and to provide diagnostic assessments based on the most up-to-date clinical research.

ADHD for Parents

This talk provides a meaningful and relatable perspective on ADHD, including symptom definitions and reframes, as well as an introduction into the neuroscience behind executive functioning. Dr. Adams will share a historical perspective on ADHD and important details about the biology of this aspect of neurodiversity, including how the brain focuses and how hormones play a role.

The Importance of a Clinical Assessment

Neuropsychological evaluation provides a careful look at the learning and attention struggles, and provides recommendations for ways to treat or work around them.