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Fees and Payment

Depending on the service being provided, there is either a one-time fee to include all aspects of a comprehensive evaluation, or an established hourly rate. Payment is due on the date of service via check or credit card.

Insurance and HSA/FSA Options

Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC is an out of network provider, which means that we do not bill insurance directly. Payment is due on date of service via check, cash, or credit card. Some HSA/FSA accounts allow for payment out of those funds, and we can accept payment from an HSA/FSA card. Some insurance companies offer partial reimbursement for these services. We provide the documentation necessary to submit for out of network reimbursement.


Billable Services and Reports

Common billable services include: interview, record review, questionnaire analysis and review, test administration, analysis of results, creation of recommendation plan, communication of results and recommendations during feedback session, preparation of written report. Additional services such as follow-up sessions and phone calls greater than 15 minutes are billed separately.