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Forensic Services

We provide independent neuropsychological evaluations in the context of litigation when there is a claim involving cognitive dysfunction following an injury. Evaluations include extensive record review, objective neurocognitive assessment including performance validity testing, and a detailed written report which summarizes history, test data, and provides opinion regarding causality of any measured deficits. Dr. Adams is available for expert witness deposition or live testimony as needed.

Independent Neuropsychological Evaluation

Objective neurocognitive assessment is necessary when cognitive complaints are listed as part of litigation after an injury. An independent neuropsychological evaluation integrates information from pre-injury medical and academic records, with information about injury severity, data from cognitive assessment, and data from performance validity testing, to determine whether current cognitive complaints are substantiated measurable deficits. The report concludes with statements regarding etiology for any measured deficits and expert opinion regarding potential association with the injury in question. Throughout the entire evaluation, the neuropsychologist maintains a strictly neutral stance in order to maximize objectivity of the evidence provided. Contact us to schedule an independent neuropsychological evaluation for litigation cases involving claims of cognitive deficits after an injury.

The Evaluation Process

Record Review: Extensive review of relevant past medical and academic records, including both pre-injury and post-injury records. Pre-injury academic records are particularly important for ascertaining an estimate of pre-injury cognitive baseline.

Testing: Comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests to provide objective data regarding intelligence, attention, memory, and executive functioning. Formal standardized performance validity testing to assess effort and validity of cognitive test data.

Report: Detailed written report summarizes all relevant aspects of history per records, describes test results, and provides conclusion statements regarding etiology for any measurable and substantiated cognitive deficits and expert opinion regarding potential association with the injury in question.

Deposition or Live Testimony: The neuropsychologist is available for expert witness deposition or live testimony as needed.

The Value of Neuropsychological Evaluation

Data from a neutral independent neuropsychological evaluation provides objective evidence to be used in the process of litigation when subjective cognitive complaints are listed as part of a claim. Information from neuropsychological evaluation defines the nature and severity of cognitive deficits, helps to ascertain whether suboptimal effort may be a contributing factor, and provides expert opinion on causality. Dr. Adams is available for deposition or live expert witness testimony.

How well did Dr. Adams testify under direct examination?

Dr. Adams did an excellent job. She was thoroughly prepared. She explained complex medical concepts (e.g., ADHD and TBI) in a clear and simple manner to the jury. She showed excellent communication skills with the jury. She was very down-to-earth and her expertise was obvious. The jury was highly engaged during her testimony. She used tact when addressing the opposing expert's report and conclusion. Her testimony was highly credible and her conclustions were thoroughly supported. Moreover, her personality and affect are well suited to live testimony. Dr. Adams' presentation, testimony, and demeanor were exceptional. She testified with tact and conviction. One of the best expert witnesses we've seen.

Attorney Robert E. Kuderer, Minneapolis

Independent Neuropsychological Evaluations

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