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Participation Agreement

Updated: September 12, 2023

MNNP Workshop Participation Agreement

Welcome to the Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC Psychoeducational Workshop Series. The Workshop Series is a group workshop and/or an on-line self-study where we will discuss aspects of neurodiversity and strategies for addressing these symptoms. Your participation in these sessions is a collaborative process between the workshop facilitator and the participants, and will be focused on education around relevant topics in the field of neuropsychology.

This is a psychoeducational workshop, not a psychological assessment, treatment, or therapy. At no time will any workshop facilitator be performing a medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis, and the strategies that will be discussed are not treatment for any underlying medical, psychological, or psychiatric condition. Although your workshop facilitator is a licensed clinical psychologist, she is not providing psychological services in these sessions but rather presenting strategies in addressing symptoms and behaviors, without making any determination as to the presence or absence of any underlying condition. At no time will you be asked to disclose personal health information, and these sessions are not medical or psychological treatment. Please note that participation in these sessions will not create a patient-therapist relationship. The session(s) may be recorded.

The fee for the workshop series is non-refundable. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Following registration, you will be provided with log-in information for your session(s).

Although the session(s) will include multiple participants, by participating in this workshop you acknowledge that the effectiveness of the program depends on the active participation and honesty of those involved in the sessions. Therefore, you agree that you will not disclose the identities of any of the program participants, and that you will not disclose the specific content of any disclosures made by the participants outside of the session itself. You agree that you will not record any of the sessions. If there is access to the recorded sessions, you agree that your access to those recordings will be only for your personal use, and you will permit access, deliver, or disclose those recorded sessions to others.

By signing this agreement, you agree that you shall hold Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC, and any workshop facilitator providing services pursuant to this agreement harmless and you agree to indemnify Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC and its workshop facilitators from and against every claim or demand which may be made by any person, arising from or caused by any act of neglect, default or omission attributed to you through participation in the coaching sessions provided pursuant to this agreement, except to the extent that such claim or demand arises from or is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC or its workshop facilitator.

Further, by signing this agreement, you agree that this agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accord with the laws of the State of Minnesota. Should any dispute arise related to the terms of this agreement or the workshops you participate in through Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC, any action or proceeding brought by either party to this agreement shall be commenced only in any state or federal court located in the State of Minnesota, county of Ramsey.