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Neurological Disorders

Some neurological or medical disorders can come along with associated cognitive or academic struggles, such as problems with thinking, learning, memory, attention, or executive functioning. In addition, some medications used to treat these disorders can have cognitive side effects. Neuropsychological evaluation can help to clarify cognitive functioning in the context of medical disorders such as epilepsy, tumor, stroke, hydrocephalus, or spina bifida. In addition, neuropsychological evaluation is an important component of a comprehensive evaluation for non-epileptic events, as problems with learning or attention often accompany these types of events as well.

How Neuropsychology Can Help

A neuropsychological evaluation can be helpful in identifying cognitive difficulties that are common among certain medical or neurological disorders. With expertise in brain-behavior relationships, the neuropsychologist integrates information from the medical history to help understand any cognitive difficulties and how they might be related to the medical condition or treatment. Contact us to get the process started, so we can help to understand your child’s cognitive functioning in the context of his/her medical condition, and how to find his/her best path toward learning.


The Evaluation Process

Phone consultation, to clarify your question and make a plan together for the evaluation.

Review of records provided and behavioral questionnaires.

Comprehensive set of neuropsychological tests to provide objective data on cognitive functioning.

Thorough analysis of test results pattern in light of background information and stated concerns.

Feedback session during which we revisit the questions/concerns that prompted the evaluation and look at them through the lens of data. We formulate a plan for helping the child or adolescent get to his/her best learning path.

Concise written report summarizing findings and recommendations, which can be shared with the school and medical providers.

Let's Rise Above Medical Challenges

With information from a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, parents, physicians, and educators will have a clear understanding of any cognitive difficulties associated with your child’s medical condition. This information can be helpful to all those involved in the child’s care. Physicians may use the information to make treatment decisions such as medication changes or procedures. Educators may be able to make formal adjustments or accommodations within the child’s classroom setting given specific needs identified by the evaluation. And parents will have a better understanding of why their child is struggling, and some ideas for how to help.

Contact Us

To refer a patient, inquire about an evaluation, or set up an appointment, contact us by email or phone.