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Most children and adolescents recover from concussion within 1-3 months. Some experience a prolonged recovery period, or have difficulty returning to their normal academic activities. Neuropsychological evaluation helps to understand some of the reasons for this, and to make a plan to help the child or teenager get back to his/her normal.

How Neuropsychology Can Help

We believe that kids want to get back to their normal life as soon as possible after an injury. When they struggle to do so, it is important to understand why. Neuropsychological testing provides objective data that allows us to separate out the different aspects of cognitive functioning that might be involved in a prolonged recovery. In addition, we look carefully for other potential complicating factors such as struggles with learning, attention, memory, executive functioning, mood, or anxiety. Together with parents, we make a plan for how to address the specific concerns we found in the evaluation, and facilitate referrals for accommodations or treatment as needed. Get in touch with us if you have concerns about your child’s or teenager’s difficulty getting back to normal activities after a concussion.


The Evaluation Process

Phone consultation, to clarify your question and make a plan together for the evaluation.

Review of records provided and behavioral questionnaires.

Comprehensive set of neuropsychological tests to provide objective data on cognitive functioning.

Thorough analysis of test results pattern in light of background information and stated concerns.

Feedback session during which we revisit the questions/concerns that prompted the evaluation and look at them through the lens of data. We formulate a plan for helping the child or adolescent get to his/her best learning path.

Concise written report summarizing findings and recommendations, which can be shared with the school and medical providers.

Let's Make an Impact on Recovery from Concussion

With information from a careful, comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, parents, physicians, and educators will have a clear understanding of why the child or adolescent is struggling to return to normal after a concussion. Because there are lots of potential contributing factors, some overlapping with each other, clarification is necessary for moving forward. With this information, parents can take steps to guide their child to his/her best path for returning to normal school and other activities. The child will ultimately feel relieved to be understood in this way, and self-confidence will build as he/she returns to typical enjoyed activities.

Contact Us

To refer a patient, inquire about an evaluation, or set up an appointment, contact us by email or phone.