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Dyslexia: A 3-Pronged Approach

March 7, 2021

Our recommended 3-pronged approach to reading for children with dyslexia. 

  1. For decoding: Explicit, direct, and systematic instruction on building phonological processing and orthographic skills. This is best facilitated by a reading specialist. This is hard work for the child, and it is sometimes helpful to have someone other than a parent working with the child. 

  2. For fluency: Encourage the child to read easy passages aloud at home. Start with current point of mastery and gradually move on from there. Emphasize fluency with easy accuracy. Choose passages that the child can read with >95% accuracy.

  3. For access to content, comprehension, and opportunities for enrichment: Provide alternative access to content via audio books and/or parents reading aloud to the child at a level that is appropriate for his/her intellectual aptitude. Provide a space for high-level conversations and creative thinking about the material.