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You see that your child is smart and talented, but still can’t seem to focus on schoolwork. You find yourself repeating instructions many times throughout the course of the day, constantly monitoring homework time, or double checking to make sure assignments get turned in. Perhaps you observe your child having difficulties with emotion regulation, behavior, and social interactions. Maybe your child has remarkable strengths in things like creativity, humor, and resilience, but struggles with necessary tasks like homework and chores. Neuropsychological evaluation helps to determine the extent to which your child’s attention problems may be hindering his/her learning and school performance, and provides suggestions for ways to help manage attention and accentuate strengths.

How Neuropsychology Can Help

We believe that creativity is an often under-appreciated resource, and that the natural tendency toward exploration and open space is an important part of finding one’s creativity. The world needs “ideas people.” We will work together to come up with ways to maximize your child’s success in school while encouraging his/her creativity. In this process, we will help to rule out an underlying learning issue that might be making school focus especially challenging.

A neuropsychological evaluation looks carefully at potential sources of attention struggles, and integrates information from several different sources in order to gain insight into your child’s attention and focus. Contact us to get the process started, so we can help understand why attention and focus is hard for your child, and how to find his/her best path toward learning.


The Evaluation Process

Phone consultation, to clarify your question and make a plan together for the evaluation.

Review of records provided and behavioral questionnaires.

Comprehensive set of neuropsychological tests to provide objective data on cognitive functioning.

Thorough analysis of test results pattern in light of background information and stated concerns.

Feedback session during which we revisit the questions/concerns that prompted the evaluation and look at them through the lens of data. We formulate a plan for helping the child or adolescent get to his/her best learning path.

Concise written report summarizing findings and recommendations, which can be shared with the school and medical providers.

Let's Focus on Attention

Attention problems are common. Sometimes they can look like lack of motivation, laziness, forgetfulness, or even defiance. Attention problems affect learning, memory, performance, mood and social functioning. With a careful analysis of current concerns, relevant history, and objective assessment data, we can come to an informed understanding of the extent to which attention problems are affecting your child’s functioning. This process also helps to rule-out other potential underlying issues with thinking, learning, or memory, that can go along with attention problems. With clarity about the nature and severity of the attention problems, we will work together to come up with a plan to help manage attention and behavior at home and at school.

Contact Us

To refer a patient, inquire about an evaluation, or set up an appointment, contact us by email or phone.