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ADHD Workshops for Women

January 25, 2022

Throughout my 14 years of practice as a neuropsychologist, I have heard the stories of many women who have lived their whole lives with ADHD symptoms that were unrecognized because of limitations in the diagnostic process and lack of awareness for how the condition affects girls/women.

They may identify with the symptoms of ADHD as they learn about them through their child’s evaluation, or during a high-demand setting such as graduate school, work environment, or life change that brings to the surface the symptoms they’ve been managing their whole lives.

They may or may not have a formal diagnosis. They’ve often put compensatory systems in place to make things work. But the internal struggle and “uphill battle” of executive functioning is still there, AND they often carry old patterns of shame, fear, and self-limiting beliefs that developed as a result of the patterns they experienced through childhood and adulthood.

Your Next Brave Step is a 5-week program designed for women who may or may not have a diagnosis of ADHD, but struggle with executive functioning and self-limiting beliefs.

The hybrid-model program includes: 5 weekly Group Calls, a mindfully curated, professionally designed Self-Study Guidebook, and access to a Course Platform for connection with other women in the cohort.

The program guides participants through a process of a) self-reflection on patterns and self-limiting beliefs relating to ADHD symptoms and executive functioning challenges, b) bringing loving awareness and compassion to the struggles, c) clarifying and articulating vision/dreams for the future and d) taking feasible action steps toward these goals.

All, among a group of supportive women who are walking a similar path.

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Here’s the sum-up: Just because a woman is ambitious, driven, and successful doesn’t mean she may not struggle with executive functioning and carry the associated shame, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. It’s time to bring awareness and self-compassion to the things that have held you back so that you can take action on Your Next Brave Step. This is a 5-week program for women who identify with the symptoms of ADHD but may or may not have a diagnosis. A series of reflection exercises and group calls guide participants to look back with love, to unlock creativity and move forward with confidence.